Win a piece of my work!

I am currently doing a project about the photos, trinkets from childhood or souvenirs of your travels that have personal significance and you would be gutted to lose. Anybody helpful enough to email me or write their items on this post as a comment is in with a chance of winning a piece of work that reflects your treasured stuff!


11 thoughts on “Win a piece of my work!

  1. My Dolls House.
    I have an old dolls house that was given to me by my Grandad one christmas. It was the best thing anyone could ever give a little girl who had no control of what was going on in her single parent family life. It was also the only thing that kept me sane during my years of growing up: being in control of my own little kingdom! I could decide on the furnishings, who lived there and what went on in there. It was my haven. I even used to hide it in my wardrope when i thought i was too old to be playing with it! I have cherished it, loved it and taken it to every place that i have lived in, in the hope that one day i would have a little girl to pass it down to.
    This Christmas I passed my dolls house onto my little girl, she loves it. I am hoping that the now new re furnished dolls house will now live out its days in a happier family life and a more stable home, and that she can absorb herself in it when she wants to escape from us! x


  2. I have a great love and attachment to my childhood scarecrow called Jack. A truly great friend and never forgotten as he sits comfortably and patiently on my side unit awaiting my return.

    Who’s to say the value of Jack is any less than say my Macbook. The ever growing change of technology and the way we save our precious pictures and documents within this functional piece of kit serves me well. However it makes me wonder whether it’ll stand the test of time after its been remodelled and updated in a bid to make yet more money from use.

    Thanks to Jack for standing the test of time : )


  3. my “rocking donkey” called benjamin… i got him when i was four or five, a lovely rocking horse with proper horsey plush (none of that eco-wood stuff! 🙂 ) and a saddle….i had a favourite book at the time about a donkey called benjamin, and so i insisted that this was a donkey and his name had to be benjamin. i loved him to bits and as i grew too old to fit on him he adorned my bedroom as decoration and later on was carefully placed in a safe place in my mum and dads attic….now he started a new lease of life as my daughter amelie’s new rocking donkey and he is very pleased to be the center peace of the living room again! :)))


  4. another thing…my grans old record player (it’s from the 70ies and still working) along with all my old records from the 90ies!!


  5. Hi Lyds

    Here’s my list, bit like Robs i’m afraid- a list with no emotion.

    My Nana’s poems
    Dad’s wedding speech, pencil, glasses and ideas for a children’s book.
    Bracelet my sister made.
    photos of family, friends and special places.
    Slate from Paul
    Hockey tour souvenir, created by Jabbles.

    Cheers for the most amazing roast and reasonably enjoyable stomp (v.tired Charlie.) xx


  6. Seal.

    I have this seal… i was brought him when i was sick in hospital when i was two. My auntie brought it for me and told me that he was full of luck and made up a story about him… He has gone everywhere with me and currently he resides on my bed with a zillion pillows…

    don’t think my room would look the same without him there!!

    I also have a necklace that is made of coral and seeds that an orphan in Dominican Republic made for me when i was helping for a day in the school in a little village. Whenever i am feeling selfish or i lose sight of the world a bit i wear it and it instantly brings me back to reality… it physically weighs nothing but the symbolic weight is huge!
    i love it and this too goes everywhere with me!



  7. Last time I went home Mum gave me a tiny ballerina and an enamelled bluebird that I used to have in my jewellery box. I wouldn’t have said they were precious items but some how they drew me straight back to my childhood. I’ve always loved the pretty, tiny and delicate and when the right project comes along I’d love to add the charms to a textile.


  8. Sorry Lyds, but after some deliberation I still haven’t been able to come up with any objects to put on my “save from a fire” list, which has sort of surprised me. My favourite things are books, music, and memories, but I’m not particularly precious about the medium that reproduces them – if the books gets lost, I can usually get another copy (thankew internet).

    What I do find upsetting is when one of these more abstract things gets lost or damaged – sounds silly, but when a treasured memory gets wrecked by someone else’s recollection of the same events, or a piece of music is tainted in some way (I now find it hard to listen to what was one of my favourite tunes because of something I learned about the circumstances of the recording), then I get a sense of loss. But objects themselves? Nah, not really…


  9. mini metros. corgi editions, various scales, various liveries. some still boxed. all still in a box tucked away from my wife who worries about such things.


  10. HI lyds.
    Things that I hold dear to me are, my grans watch that she loved because my dad gave it to her,her ring that my grandad gave her.
    Clay house’s that the kids made at school,Holly made a paper cut out santa when she was four and every year we get him out and put him on the tree, but this year we didn’t because he is getting a tad torn so now he lives in a safe place in my draw by my bed.
    A little note from Melissa that she left once on my pillow when she saw me crying.
    A letter that my real mum wrote to me when I found her when I was 26.
    Last but not least my dads medals from when he was young and the paper cuttings from when he won them.
    Love Kate


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